The Cutest Face Masks You’ve Ever Seen

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Confession: I’m a sucker for beautiful packaging. I’ve been guilty of buying products based on the packaging alone which is exactly what I did during a recent trip to Target. I came across these cute face masks from a brand called Nugg. The first thing I noticed about this product was the unique packaging. Their small size make them perfect for your gym bag, purse or clutch. I also love that they contain all-natural ingredients that work for different skin types. They have all types of masks for different skin issues such as anti-aging, deep cleaning and moisturizing. Overall, these masks are an affordable luxury that are a real treat for your skin and at $2.99 a piece, they’re a steal.

nugg face mask hydrating

Product: Hydrating Face Mask

Best For: Skin that needs some serious moisture.

Review: This is the perfect mask to use before applying makeup because it deeply moisturizes your skin while giving it a subtle glow. Natural ingredients like aloe vera and camellia seed oil work to give your skin intense moisture. My skin looked nice and plump afterwards. This mask gets two thumps up from me.

nugg facial mask hydrating closeups

Product: Exfoliating Face Mask

Best For: Anyone looking for a mask that will moisturize and lightly exfoliate your skin.

Review: This mask gently exfoliated my skin with lactic acid and micro beads.

nugg facial masks revitalizing

Product: Revitalizing Face Mask

Best For: Tired, dull skin.

Review: The first thing I noticed about this mask is that it smelled just like Vicks VapoRub (that ointment you put on your nose when you have a cold).  It has a strong peppermint scent because of the peppermint oil in the product. It also contains flaxseed, evening primose oil and grapeseed oil which help give dull skin a radiant look. It’s very similar to their hydrating mask.

Have you seen these adorable face masks at your local Target? 

  1. August 21, 2014
    Marie says...

    Great post! I def need the hydrating glow mask. My skin is dry!!

    Love from Canada,
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